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01. my route is still unclear

 so technically, this is a new journal. it is in a way, but at the same time, it's not. i don't know if i'm going to continue to post in my old writing comm or if i should rename it or what. all i know is that i've added like six new fandoms; i wanna write for them all lol

we'll see how things go.
-the turtle formerly known as ddangkkoma
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Leave a fart LOL XDDD okay, you're as crazy as I am XDDD

So fart here and wanna ask which fandoms you added? And where can I find your fics? *__* I'll recommend one you have to read BDD
lol i'm still in the process of learning to write for them actually. so far i have added/and plan to add: beast, mblaq, ukiss, ss501, f.cuz, etc. lol all of my old works are super junior. i've yet to post any of the more recent work since i've been busy writing for fic exchanges. once jan is over i'll be back to it

and lol the fart thing is with mir. he says he holds his farts in and then releases them around ppl so that they can all smell it bc its a shame to hold it in for so long and have no one enjoy it XD
LOL X'DDDDDDDDDDDD but Mir is right...

Hmm U-KISS set rules when they moved into their dormitory in Vampire. And they agreed on leaving in case somebody farts. But they didn't clarify it. I mean WHO has to leave? The one who farted? Or the others leaving the farter alone just to enjoy his smell or what? XDDD Okay, it's obvious who has to leave but still...

Okay, I like Mir I guess :D